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Wish List

posted Nov 26, 2012, 6:40 PM by Richmond POA Secretary
At the October general meeting and in an email sent out to the general membership, Richmond property owners were asked for input to help prioritize some of the projects and events which have been suggested to the board. Here is how you responded:

Priority #1

Landscape the remaining 7 Islands/Spring of 2013

Chris Landscaping $7000.00 Bid (Need 2nd Bid)


Pave & Stripe Pool Parking Area

Est. Cost $1000.00 (No Bids)


RPOA Sponsored Crawfish/Shrimp Boil

Est. Cost $500.00 May Timeframe.

Need Committee Chair


Spotlights at Entrance along Johnson Rd.

Spots on every other Brick Column

No Bids


Complete Sidewalk at pool entrance

$1400.00 ( I Bid/Need another bid)


Brick Entrance Sign @ Saddlebrook

No Bids


Fill-in Brick Columns at Entrance

No Bids


Playground across from Pool Area

No Bids

The people have spoken!