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Vehicle Break-Ins

posted Nov 11, 2013, 8:10 PM by David Harris   [ updated Nov 11, 2013, 8:20 PM ]
The Richmond POA wants to make residents aware that there have been some articles taken from vehicles in the neighborhood recently. According to the Mobile Police Department vehicle break-ins are a widespread issue affecting various neighborhoods, not just ours, and that valuables are not safe when left behind in an unattended car anywhere.
Below is an excerpt from a recent Crime Report from Captain Jack Dove of the Mobile Police Department with additional information.
Oct 21 2013  "...We have made several arrests in B&E cases that cover several Precinct areas including our own. But we are still having a lot of reported cases where people just refuse to lock their car doors. Again, these bad guys are simply driving into different neighborhoods in the early morning hours, getting out of the car and walking down the street, pulling on car doors.  It does not take long for a large amount of cars to be entered.  If the door is unlocked and valuables have been left inside .. they will take it.
In many cases, as you will note from the reports City Wide, the bad guys find Wallets, Purses, Computer’s, Credit Cards, cash and GUNS .. all left for them to take. ...and the vast majority of cases where a forced entry was made (breaking out a window) always involve someone leaving a purse or laptop plainly visible on the front seat. ...We also have noted a rise in the theft of car tags ..."
If you wish to receive the area crime reports from the MPD you can contact and ask Captain Dove to add you to the email list. The reports are filled with some very eye-opening information.