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Updates- Pool Keys, Invoices, and Sunday Board Meeting

posted Jun 9, 2012, 4:48 PM by David Harris

 - If you are not already aware, a deadbolt lock was placed on the pool gate this week.  Please contact Mike Grisham at 251.776.5516 to set up a time to pick up a pool key.

 - Members must be in good standing with the RPOA (i.e.: you must be current on your yearly assessments and your property must fall within the guidelines of our covenant) to be issued a pool key.

 - One key will be issued per property at no cost and these keys cannot be duplicated.  Should you loose your key, a fee will be assessed to re-issue another one (I have not had the opportunity to break the costs down to provide that fee today).

 - To our rental property Members in good standing: unless otherwise directed by you, we will issue a key to your renter upon their request and we will communicate that it should be returned to you or your agent upon the termination of their lease.  However, it is your responsibility to insure that this key is returned to you upon their departure of your property.



 - Invoices were printed yesterday for the bi-yearly payment plan, as well as, invoices for past-due accounts and special payment plans.  Please disregard if my invoice and your payment crossed in the mail.


Lastly, many Members have communicated that they plan to attend tomorrow night's meeting.  Mike will be there with the pool keys for distribution but please plan for us to conduct business first and issue keys second.


Looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow.
Tracy Tumminello
Treasurer Richmond POA
Note: The above is taken from an email sent out to members on 6/9/2012 which also had a member directory attached. The member directory will not be posted on this site but is available upon request to any member in good standing.