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Board Meeting Minutes Aug 29, 2013

posted Oct 4, 2013, 7:41 PM by David Harris
The minutes from the meeting are also available in PDF format in the Archives.
Board Meeting –August 29, 2013


·         Roll Call  7:40pm at Ola Anise Home

§  Ola Anise, Chuck Guy, Jennifer Mills, Mike Grisham, & Millie Wright

·         Financials

§  Dues will remain $400 for 2014 year

§  Invoices will go out this month and will charge late fees to those who have not paid annual dues

§  Property taxes due at end of year for RPOA

§  RPOA has over $35,900 for taxes, upcoming projects, bills, and reserve

§  Collections by RPOA lawyer have been successful and are ongoing

·         Compliance

§  Two homes in neighborhood have boats visible. One home rejected certified letter and will receive letter from RPOA Lawyer.

§  Boats are not to be visible from street. Any boats 25 feet or over are not aloud to be parked in Richmond Neighborhood. Article 5 states restrictions on this.

§  No parking on grass or yards.

§  Keep grass clippings off streets.

§  Easements need to be cleared and maintained by property owners not the association.

§  Compliance committee will send letters to those who are not in compliance in September

Ø  Trash cans need to be behind fences and not visible from streets

Ø  Mailboxes need to be painted, straight, and in good repair

Ø  No basketball hoops on streets or in cul-de-sacs

Ø  Boats not visible

Ø  Yards maintained

·         Maintenance/Projects

§  Pool signs painted/vandalized

§  Mike Grisham will receive quote for additional lighting at pool entrance and security cameras at the pool and entrances

§  Entrance sign at back entrance

Ø  Need permission/affidavit/deed from homeowners on both sides of street

Ø  Receive quote

·         Garden Club will meet in September to plan holiday decorations. Millie Wright will send out email.

·         Need Board Members

§  Down one board member

§  In need of additional board members

§  September Newsletter will ask for volunteers

·         Newsletter

§  Jen Mills will email out newsletter in September to announce Annual Meeting

·         Meeting Adjourn at 9:00pm