Important Community Phone Numbers

posted Dec 16, 2017, 9:42 AM by Kate Abernethy

Vandalet Mailbox Co. 251.653.9727

Animal Control 251.208.2801

Alabama Power 1.800.245.2244

MAWWS 251.694.3100

Mobile Police Department (Non-emergency) 251.208.7211

Community Email Address:

Community Website:

Upcoming Events

posted Apr 13, 2016, 6:29 PM by Kate Abernethy   [ updated Apr 18, 2016, 12:08 PM ]

Hello Richmond Residents! There are a few upcoming events that we want to announce.

Pool Key Distribution
It's time to distribute new pool keys! Residents that are in full compliance with the neighborhood covenants and have a zero balance will be eligible for a new key. Please make sure to pay your 2016 POA dues! The pool will be closed on May 6th in order for the pool locks to be changed. There will be two key distribution dates:
Saturday May 7th 10-12pm at the Pool
Sunday May 15th 1-3pm at the Pool

Community Yard Sale
This year's yard sale will be on Saturday May 14th from 7-12pm. More details to follow. Start gathering up your items to sell!

Community Dumpster
The dumpster will be at the empty lot across from the pool on Saturday May 21st.

The landfill will not accept any hazardous waste including: paint (dry cans acceptable), batteries, hazardous material and chemicals, tires, refrigerants, medical waste, household food garbage. Please do not dispose of these items!

Once the container is filled to a level capacity, please do not place any more items on top or on the ground around it. Only those items which are securely placed within the container can be hauled away.

Vehicle Break-Ins

posted Nov 11, 2013, 8:10 PM by David Harris   [ updated Nov 11, 2013, 8:20 PM ]

The Richmond POA wants to make residents aware that there have been some articles taken from vehicles in the neighborhood recently. According to the Mobile Police Department vehicle break-ins are a widespread issue affecting various neighborhoods, not just ours, and that valuables are not safe when left behind in an unattended car anywhere.
Below is an excerpt from a recent Crime Report from Captain Jack Dove of the Mobile Police Department with additional information.
Oct 21 2013  "...We have made several arrests in B&E cases that cover several Precinct areas including our own. But we are still having a lot of reported cases where people just refuse to lock their car doors. Again, these bad guys are simply driving into different neighborhoods in the early morning hours, getting out of the car and walking down the street, pulling on car doors.  It does not take long for a large amount of cars to be entered.  If the door is unlocked and valuables have been left inside .. they will take it.
In many cases, as you will note from the reports City Wide, the bad guys find Wallets, Purses, Computer’s, Credit Cards, cash and GUNS .. all left for them to take. ...and the vast majority of cases where a forced entry was made (breaking out a window) always involve someone leaving a purse or laptop plainly visible on the front seat. ...We also have noted a rise in the theft of car tags ..."
If you wish to receive the area crime reports from the MPD you can contact and ask Captain Dove to add you to the email list. The reports are filled with some very eye-opening information.

General Meeting Minutes Oct 12 2013

posted Nov 11, 2013, 7:24 PM by David Harris

Meeting minutes are also available for download from the Archives.
Annual Meeting 

The Annual Meeting of the Richmond Property Owners Association was held on Saturday, October 12, 2013 at the pool.

Board President Ola Anise called the meeting to order, introduced  board members  and welcomed District Three County Commissioner Jerry Car. He thanked everyone for their support and said he always enjoyed riding through Richmond because it is such  a great neighborhood.

He then went on to say there is a lot going on in West Mobile and it is becoming a “hot spot” in the county. In fact, he added, the entire county is benefitting from some new business ventures as well as the continued success with established companies including::

AIRBUS is a massive complex where the first plane built there is expected to roll out in 2015. Once this happens there will be “lots of money” coming  into Mobile from ancillary businesses that will move to the area .

BAYER , a company that produces herbicides , will generate billions of dollars in construction costs as it builds a plant here.

MOM AND POP businesses are still the backbone of the community and account for considerable economic impact.

A SOCCER COMPLEX with 13 fields will be built by the county on McDonald road at a cost of 3 ½ million dollars.

Carl added that District Three is working hard to address litter problems, clean up right of ways and deal with the proliferation of signs put up at intersections and nailed to trees, etc.

During the question and answer  session he was asked about building more parks, addressing road problems and easing congestions on heavily traveled roadways. He explained that the county does have a seven year plan but must work within budgetary restrictions. “Costs keep going up but taxes remain the same”.

In conclusion he was asked about the possibility of closing Richmond off from Saddlebrook  and said that would not be possible since public roads cannot be closed off. Everyone in attendance thanked him for his participation and the efforts he is making to improve things in District Three.

Efforts are underway to separate Richmond from Saddlebrook and show they are two different and distinct neighborhoods. David Harris will be researching what is required for the installation of two Richmond Subdivision monuments at the Saddlebrook entrance.

Ola then began the business part of the meeting with a discussion of the 2014 budget.  He said the POA is fiscally sound and the bank balance at the end of September was $33,053.49

He also said dues will be the same for 2014 and added that the POA is willing to work with homeowners  who may need to split their dues into more than one payment. To do this they must contact the POA to make arrangements. Residents who fail to pay will be sent to our attorney for collection. Even if someone is in arrears and  moves from the neighborhood they are still liable and will also be sent for collection. This past year, because of such efforts, arrearages of nearly $10,000.00 were collected.

Ola pointed out that two line items totaling $14,000.00 had been left out of the budget. These were for landscaping and pool upkeep. Further allocations, which may or may not be needed, included $10,000.00 for improvements and $3,000.00 for unexpected expenses.(Note: Anyone wishing a complete copy of the budget, 2013 expenses and the 2014 “wish list” should contact  )

After more discussion about budget particulars, the 2014 budget was approved.

Discussion then moved to installing a digital camera system at the pool to monitor activities. There have been ongoing problems with vandalism ,spray painting, destruction of property and jumping the fence. Mike Grisham, who has researched the project, pointed out that such a system was recommended by the Mobile Police department and could be installed for a cost of $3,200.00. Everyone agreed that this should be done and Mike was asked to make arrangements for the installation.

Another project that has generated much discussion is the creation of a playground across from the pool area. Jennifer Mills has researched the cost of the project and the type of equipment  that would be installed. Although everyone agreed the playground would enhance Richmond, many were concerned about the cost of equipment,  potential liabilities, vandalism and increased cost of insurance. General consensus was that we should not attempt to move forward on the project at this time.

Millie Wright went over the most common violations of the neighborhood covenants which focused on problems with mailboxes, garbage cans, basketball goals, boats visible from the street, out buildings and fences. She urged everyone to become familiar with the covenants and contact the POA with specific questions regarding them. The covenants, restrictions and limitations of Richmond can be found on our website at

After answering a few more general questions about the neighborhood, Ola concluded the meeting and thanked everyone for attending

Spooky Things are Happening!

posted Oct 8, 2013, 8:48 PM by David Harris

Happy Halloween everybody and big thank you to the garden club members for the decorations.

2013 Archives updated

posted Oct 8, 2013, 6:42 PM by David Harris

The Spring and Summer 2013 newsletters and the April and June 2013 board meeting minutes have been added to the Archives.

General Meeting with special guest Commissioner Jerry Carl 1/12/2013 @ 9:30 AM.

posted Oct 4, 2013, 7:46 PM by David Harris

A Richmond POA General Meeting will be held at the pool on Saturday, October 12, 2013 at 9:30 AM. Our special guest will be Mobile County Commissioner Jerry Carl. All Richmond property owners and residents are invited so please make plans to attend.

Board Meeting Minutes Aug 29, 2013

posted Oct 4, 2013, 7:41 PM by David Harris

The minutes from the meeting are also available in PDF format in the Archives.
Board Meeting –August 29, 2013


·         Roll Call  7:40pm at Ola Anise Home

§  Ola Anise, Chuck Guy, Jennifer Mills, Mike Grisham, & Millie Wright

·         Financials

§  Dues will remain $400 for 2014 year

§  Invoices will go out this month and will charge late fees to those who have not paid annual dues

§  Property taxes due at end of year for RPOA

§  RPOA has over $35,900 for taxes, upcoming projects, bills, and reserve

§  Collections by RPOA lawyer have been successful and are ongoing

·         Compliance

§  Two homes in neighborhood have boats visible. One home rejected certified letter and will receive letter from RPOA Lawyer.

§  Boats are not to be visible from street. Any boats 25 feet or over are not aloud to be parked in Richmond Neighborhood. Article 5 states restrictions on this.

§  No parking on grass or yards.

§  Keep grass clippings off streets.

§  Easements need to be cleared and maintained by property owners not the association.

§  Compliance committee will send letters to those who are not in compliance in September

Ø  Trash cans need to be behind fences and not visible from streets

Ø  Mailboxes need to be painted, straight, and in good repair

Ø  No basketball hoops on streets or in cul-de-sacs

Ø  Boats not visible

Ø  Yards maintained

·         Maintenance/Projects

§  Pool signs painted/vandalized

§  Mike Grisham will receive quote for additional lighting at pool entrance and security cameras at the pool and entrances

§  Entrance sign at back entrance

Ø  Need permission/affidavit/deed from homeowners on both sides of street

Ø  Receive quote

·         Garden Club will meet in September to plan holiday decorations. Millie Wright will send out email.

·         Need Board Members

§  Down one board member

§  In need of additional board members

§  September Newsletter will ask for volunteers

·         Newsletter

§  Jen Mills will email out newsletter in September to announce Annual Meeting

·         Meeting Adjourn at 9:00pm

RPOA Fall 2013 Newsletter

posted Oct 4, 2013, 6:40 PM by David Harris

This newsletter is also available for download in PDF format in the Archives.

Correction: Crawfish/Shrimp Boil, Saturday May 4 @ 2:00 PM

posted May 1, 2013, 5:36 PM by David Harris

Sorry, no crabs! Crawfish and shrimp. It'll be good either way! See you there.

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